Age VS. Exercise and Brayden's Quick Bodyweight Combo Video

Many of you have commented across the internet about how you loved the video of my 4 year old son Brayden having fun with the 8kg Pro-Grade AKC Kettlebell. I try to have him have a good time when he's exercising so that he wants to continue to do it as he grows. He sees me teach KBs and fitness practice. He sees my wife and I exercise. He sees my Kettlebells lined up in my living room and we both have our own KB necklace. He is raised among it and is encouraged to play with them. I train him a bit too, but make sure he has a great time with them so good experiences are embedded in his mind. I want fitness to be all he knows so that when he is grown being inactive is abnormal to him. That is my goal at least for him. Our kids are growing up in a time where exercise is a exercise, which can be a chore, instead of for fun.

I don't believe age, place in life, school district, country in which one is living is determining factors of being fit and being healthy. Most of my clients are Baby Boomers(50-60yrs. old), who never had video games, and they all had gym class in school as well as were encouraged to be active. Of course the women were not as much, but many still did what they could. That generation is now some of the most obese and sedentary people on the planet. It is an absolute chore for them to exercise and adapt good eating habits.

I am 31 years old. My era of schooling allowed me to attend gym class all through high school as well as play sports all year long. Many of the folks I attended school with are now out of shape and either obese or at least unhealthy. In fact I stay in touch with many of them and often times get asked to provide them with advice. I love helping and that is exactly why I got into the health and fitness industry, but it is a shame that they allow themselves to become as they are. We all can get like that though in certain ways. I'm very glad that the ones who have taken the honorable step to remedy the problem are doing so. That is a huge motion.

Ultimately we all must decide every day that we will be active and do everything we can to be as healthy nutritionally as we can. As Ori Hofmekler, author of the Warrior Diet & Anti-Estrogenic Diet books, says: "If you are not actively living, you are passively dying."

Here's another video we took that night. Pay very close attention to his pushups cause he goes so fast you won't keep up with the counting. LOL!