A Trip Through The Gauntlet

I recently read an article written by Scott Helsley, Master of Sport, that really got me thinking about some things. His article was titled: "Checking The Boxes" and here's an excerpt from it:

"How many people out there are just "checking the boxes" when it comes to training.  I'd say most people.  Go to the gym and just watch, same guys there doing the same routines, lifting the same weights never making much progress and never asking why.  On the other end of the spectrum are folks who radically change their paradigm on a weekly basis, that doesn't get you too far either.  A little mindfulness goes a long way. This is applicable both in the planning of your sessions and the actual training itself.  Define your goals."
This makes me think of a few people in the gym where I train.  This one guy walks in at the same time every day and instantly begins putting the exact same weight on the leg press.  He performs the exact same number of reps and sets every day.  He then continues to do this for several other machine based exercises, but unfortunately most of them are all upper body.  He has his sleeves rolled up like a 1950's Greaser.  All he needs is a pack of smokes in there.  Thank God he doesn't do that.  It's bad enough the gym is located directly behind one of the busiest McDonald's in the area.  I know ironic huh?  I laugh every day cause the drive through points them directly to my front door.  After ordering that Supersized Number 2 with a Shamrock shake they get to see my clients swinging kettlebells and sprinting on the treadmills.  Now that's a guilt trip if ever one.

When I tried professionally confronting this particular guy by offering him a trip through the Gauntlet (2 freebie sessions with me) he shrugged it off.  He said: "That kettlebell thing is not for me. I see what you do with your clients, and really respect it cause it looks like really hard work, but it's just not for me.

So then I offered to allow him to just try it under no obligation to enjoy it.  He declined.  Then I offered anything, but kettlebells.  I didn't care if he did or didn't work with me ongoing, but simply wanted to get him to understand what he was doing could be done better.  He didn't care and didn't want to hear it.  So that is why he does not improve and why he will not ever improve.  In the event that he one day desires to have a taste of something more than he gets now I will be ready and willing.  If that happens I'll have one requirement though.  He'll have to unroll his sleeves cause they are really annoying and he doesn't know it, but everyone makes fun of him over it too.  LOL! :)

R. Garon

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