A Level and B Level Workouts


Here's a workout I did recently and it's a really good one. I think it's pretty well rounded for OCR training too.

Like always, if you choose the appropriate Kettlebell weights this can be there an "A Level" or a "B Level" workout. A Level is going about 80-100% effort. B Level is going about 65-80% effort. It also depends on where you personally are in your training program peak.

When I did this workout I chose a "B Level" because it was my active recovery week before I step into gear before starting my preparation for the Indiana Spartan Sprint on April 26th. The week of the Sprint is my taper week leading up to the race event itself. It's very very important to taper your training like that so that your body recovers its energy system and nervous system. That way you will also be more hungry for your event. Enjoy the workout!

Workout: 15-12-9-6-3 Double Cleans Wall Ball Pullups

Finisher: Rope Ascends or Double Hand Release Rope Ascends (see video demonstration)