7 Tips To Make Your New Years Resolutions Successful

LOTS of you will be starting fitness again really soon. Keep a couple things in mind when you do. TIP 1. Start slower and work your way up over a 2-4 week period as your body animates. Warmup & cool down with joint mobility movements every workout no matter how boring or tedious that might be to do.

TIP 2. Be patient with your body. It took a while to get out of shape. It will take a while to get that shape back or in the first place.

TIP 3. Go at your own pace and not worry about the person next to you. Even moving slow is still moving AND you're lapping everyone on the couch so bravo to you!

TIP 4. Cardio alone will do very, very little and no you will not bulk by using weights if trained properly.

TIP 5. You cannot out-train a crappy diet so compliment anything you do fitness wise with better nutrition. You'll feel better all around too.

TIP 6. Do not set more than 2 or 3 goals for yourself at a time. Too many will make things difficult to stay on track, you will become overwhelmed, and probably give up on everything.

TIP 7. I recommend setting New Year resolution goals for the first 3-6 months, accomplish those, then set more for the next 3-6 months, and so on. Accomplish your goals on a smaller level to give you motivation and momentum for the next set of goals.

ASK YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS: Where was I a year ago? How different is it to where I am at now? How different do I want to make it one year from today? What will I do differently this time that will get me to once-and-for-all make my changes to reach my goals? What is stopping me from getting there and why have I allowed that to be this way?

If you need or want help in this process let me know on here, privately, via email, text, or however, but just let me know before we're at the same point a year from now. Let's partner up, create a plan, and do this together because 2 are better than 1.  Share this article with your friends who you know will benefit.