30 Day Pullup Challenge

PULLUP CHALLENGE: Strict & Modified Versions so EVERYONE will participate Welcome to our 30 day Pullup Challenge. Below is a quick run down on the important things to know.

1. The challenge begins Wednesday, November 1st. All pullups can be with modifications to ensure everyone CAN do one.

VERY IMPORTANT: You MUST begin with your arms fully straight and rise up so your chin gets above the bar and/or your hands.

PULLUP PROGRESSIONS FROM GREATEST CHALLENGE TO LEAST: Strict Pullup, Kipping Pullup, Butterfly Pullup, Jumping Pullup (on bench, plyo box, etc), Pullup with band assistance, and Pullups with TRX or Jungle Gym XTs.

2. This is a virtual challenge every day, meaning you can participate from wherever you are home/work/workout.

3. The challenge lasts 30 days and begins with 1 Pullup on November 1st. On day 2 of the challenge do 2 Pullups, then 3 on day 3, 4 on day 4 etc. until the culmination on November 30th.

4. If you fall behind any days and miss Pullups on a given day, in order to stay in the challenge, all Pullups assigned to missed day must be completed the next day PLUS all the ones due for that day. Pullups that you may complete during your workout do count toward your daily total.

5. Pullups can be done all at once or spread out during the day as long as they are all done by midnight.

6. For those who can`t do a Pullup without modification, you CAN DO it as any of the progression seen in the video or as I mentioned.


This month is going to be AMAZING and by discovering that you can really ratchet up our intensity and BLAST these challenges out of the water!!!  Yep they're going to be tough... BECAUSE THAT'S THE POINT. No matter how hard they will be, we will together see the offspring of the power of persistent dedication to commitment. That right there is what produces real results! ONWARD to stronger, healthier bodies and minds!!

R. Garon

On THE mission making God known by helping others thrive and flourish for His kingdom!