30 Day iWater Challenge


Our bodies are made up of over 65% water as adults and upward of 80% water as children. Our next installment of a 30 Day Challenge come as a 30 Day iWater Challenge which gives us a great challenge cause it will not only challenges us to drink the actual water our body needs, but also keeps us focused on how vital H2O really is in our energy production.

Bodyweight To Drinking Chart:
Less than 140lbs you iWater 3 Liters (twelve 8 ounce glasses per day- 96oz)
141lbs- 180lbs you iWater 4 Liters (a full gallon of water per day- 128oz)
180lbs and up you iWater 5 Liters (a touch over a full gallon of water per day- 168oz)

During your workouts the water you drink is above and beyond the iWater Challenge amount. So look at it like this: you must drink your iWater outside of your workout time.

NOTE: Some reactions to drinking more water are spending more time in the bathroom until your body adapt(3-4 days is all it takes), if you get tickled you might wet your pants, greatly increased energy, detoxing, fat loss, fewer headaches, mental clarity, hormonal balancing, less to no mood swings, decreased hunger cravings, overall satisfied feeling of well-being.

Lastly, keep this in mind: It is ideal to drink fresh filtered water that is cold, but doesn't have to necessarily be iced unless you like it that way. Too cold of water is more difficult to drink. Hot water goes through the body too fast. In fact if the water is cold it will actually cause your body to burn a few calories during the time it takes to bring it to your body's temperature.

On Facebook I created a special event for the 30 Day iWater Challenge so that you can see everyone else who's participating as well as comment on the wall for encouraging support and funny comments alongside your experience.  Here's the direct link: http://bit.ly/7WhkWE Enjoy your iWater 30 Days. :)

SUCCESS TOOL: Here's a special Calendar for the 30 Day iWater Challenge so you can mark off each day of completion. Download here: http://bit.ly/5msCkM

Video by Sirena Bernal. Sirena blogs at The Naked Dish where she has great information on healthy eating and living.