July "Change You In 30 Days" Bodyweight Challenge

image Our July "Change You In 30 Days" Challenge starts today and this one I'm VERY excited for cause it's something everyone can definitely do.

This challenge is to be broken down by weeks as a minimum quota every week for the whole month.

Here's how it works: 1,000 reps of each bodyweight movement per week of:

1) 500 Squats 2) 300 Pushups 3) 100 Pullups/ TRX rows/ or light Bent Over Rows 4) 100 Situps.

Break up the reps however you want and modify however you need for each movement.

This is not hard. One person already did all 1,000 reps in 43 minutes one day.

NOTE: Spread your reps out over the week, do them in a day or two or three, or whenever you can. Just get them done by the end of each week (on Saturday at 11:59pm) and complete the challenge 1 rep at a time.