2nd Annual Great Pumpkin Challenge

Back for the 2nd year in a row, our "The Great Pumpkin Challenge" aka "Pumpkin Bell Swing-A-Thon".  It's a SUPER fun challenge and I specially designed it for EVERYONE to be able to participate and it's ANYONE opportunity to win the prizes. All you have to do is swing, swing, swing away the pumpkin Kettlebell (28kg/ 62lbs) from now through the end of the month and you will be automatically entered into our raffle. Oh and the pics say that the raffle drawing will be held on Nov. 1st, but the pic were from last year's challenge. This year we will hold the raffle drawing on Dec. 1st.

Full rules, prizes, and details below... 

Challenge Raffle Rules: Swing (two arm, one arm, or hand to hand swing) the "Pumpkin" (28kg kettlebell) consecutively without setting the bell down and you have to do it when you are at one of the Synergy Kettlebell Training gyms in front of one of our Kettlebell instructors to qualify. That's it! There is no limit to how many times you can swing the bell as long as you meet the minimum rep numbers.


LEVEL 1: Swing at least 10 times for the ladies, at least 20 times for men = 1 raffle entry

LEVEL 2: Swing at least 50 times for the ladies, at least 100 times for men = 10 raffle entries

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can swing the Pumpkin bell just once during the challenge, every day you are in, twice a day, it is up to you!  Which ever Challenge Level you participate in, every time you consecutively swing the Pumpkin Kettlebell past your minimum qualifying rep number you get another raffle entry.

BATTLE BUDDY During the entire challenge you can find someone you want to get into a Swing Battle with and see who gets the most consecutive swings in one set. This will definitely keep you pushed and motivated to put up some greater rep numbers.

TRACKING Your Synergy instructors will to keep a tally of how many swings each person does in their relative class. So all you have to do is swing!

HOW YOU WIN Category 1) We will choose 1 random woman and 1 random man who will win our Great Pumpkin Challenge Raffle. You get entries for every qualifying sets of swings that you perform with the Pumpkin Kettlebell (28kg). For each 10/50 Kettlebell Swings for women, 20/100 Swings for men, that you perform you earn 1 raffle entry. There are no limits to how many sets of swings and so therefore you can get a many raffle entries as you want. On Dec. 1st we will hold the drawing for the winners.

Raffle Winners of Category 1 (1 woman & 1 man winner from Aurora & St. Charles each) win  a $25 Amazon gift card which will come in real handy for Christmas shopping!!

Category 2) Second way to win is the top 2 men and top 2 women who swing the Pumpkin Bell the most consecutive times will get automatically get awarded the grand prize.

ALL 4 WINNERS of Category 2 get a Limited Edition camo Synergy shirt AND the overall man & woman Swingers get another special secret prize that will be announced later on in the challenge.

So not only is THE GREAT PUMPKIN CHALLENGE fun and rewarding, but you also get stronger with every rep you swing. Think of yourself at the end of the month and how much stronger you can get just by participating every time you are in.

Skinny Strong baby!!! :)