As you can see I haven't posted my workouts in 10 days. I have had a lot going on at work, BUT of course still have been training. I've had some really great progress in a few areas. I've been working on my pistols(one legged squats), GS style snatches, and heavy Turkish Get-Ups. I have a goal to put up 100lbs. in the Turkish Get-Up by the end of the year and am getting really close.

I've been practicing my GS(girevoy sport) style or fluid style in swings and snatches as my IKFF(International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation) certification nears this weekend. I want to be in my prime shape by the weekend and be able to give my absolute best. It is definitely working.

I will post a couple workouts I've done recently below as well as some PRs.

This one was performed on: 071208

3 Rounds-

swing 10 reps l, r
LC C & P, 5 reps, l, r
Swing, 10 reps, l,r
Racked squat, 5 reps, l,r
swing, 10 reps, l,r
TGU, 2 reps, l,r
swing 10 reps, l,r
snatch, 10 reps, l,r
swing, 10 reps, l,r

TGU practice-
1x 70lbs.

This one was performed today- 071508


Swing transfer combination with 24 kg
1 swing, 1 transfer
2 swings 1 transfer
3 swings 1 transfer
4 swings 1 transfer
5 swings 1 transfer

5 sets


H2H transfers with 24 kg
30 rep sets x 5 sets
150 reps


One arm swings with 24 kg
10/10x 5 sets
100 reps

TGU practice- worked w/ 20kg & 24kg kettlebells for a couple sets and then went onto the 80#
1x 80lbs.

I did a 70# Turkish Get-Up (on both sides) this past Saturday and it felt easy. Well ok it wasn't easy, but I mean I feel confident I could have done more weight. I just didn't want to get overzealous and hurt myself so I stopped there since it was after my workout.

About a month ago I believe I tore some part of my rotator in my right shoulder trying to drive the 28kg KB(62lbs) up into the get-up. I think I tweaked it while holding it up. That too was also right after my workout and I wanted to give it a shot.

Saturday was just one of those days that I was both confident and feeling super strong.

My goal is to nail 100# by year's end. I feel VERY confident that will happen no problem. :)
Today I had another one of those days and put up the 80# dumbbell. Getting closer baby!!!

I think I'll reach my goal by the end of September if not sooner. I will surely video tape that one.