Workouts June 4-9

MONDAY: Michelle


CARDIO OR BUST! 4R 50s/10s

M: 16kg W: 10kg

Double Jerk

Heel Grabbers

Skull Crushers

180 Degree Burpees

Lateral Lunge w/ KB High Pull

Criss Cross Jacks




Mobility: 3R 

5 Wall Squats

10s Squat Sits

Strictly Strength!

Double KB Racked Squats

3x10 Increase Weight with Each Set

Strength Builder! 3R 

10 Goblet Walking Lungs R/L 16kg,10kg

10 Bent Over Row R/L 16kg, 10kg

10 KB Deadlifts 24kg, 20kg

10 Pull-Ups 

Finisher: 3R 20s/10s If Time

Wall Balls

Phoenix Crunchers 16kg, 10kg

Tricep Dips on KB


WEDNESDAY: Christina


Synergy HIITs The Zoo!!  4R 35s/5s

Starfish Abs

KB Cleans R/L

Crouching Tiger

KB Get Up Sit Up R/L  Beginners: no bell! 

Frog Jump Squat Thrust

KB Slingshots R/L

Alternating Donkey Kicks 

Team Relay Finisher: 5M AMRAP


High Knees


Power Skip




Warmup: 2R 

10 Ribbons

10 Dead-man Pushups

10 Thread Needle Abs R/L

Kettlebell Segment: 8R 

30s Snatch 16kg/10kg

10s Lockout

Conditioning: 16M AMRAP

M: 20kg W: 12kg

8 Cobra Burpee

10 Figure-8 to a Hold

8 Goblet Reverse Lunge w/Kick  R/L

10 TRX Atomic Push-ups

8 Box Jumps



Synergy Bodyweight Benchmark Workout


All Out Max Effort: 3M work, 1M rest

(Standards are listed)


Military Pushups

Strict Pullups



500m Row


1) Push Ups: Arms must be with elbows in, go down to a minimum of 90 degrees at elbow, feet together, knees off ground.


2) Strict Pull Ups: palms face away from you, BUT you cannot kip, swing, or sway at all! If you choose to use a band you need to add additional reps of pull-ups per color increment of assistance.

Red/Black = Add 10 reps, Green = Add 20 reps, Orange = Add 30 reps

(Next time you do this try a more challenging band and do fewer reps.)


3) Squats: Place feet just outside of hip width apart, hips MUST go parallel to knees or the rep does not count! Torso must be vertical at both the top and bottom, no bowing forward. Remember, just because you have moved down does not mean you have squatted down properly and fully.


4) Burpees: chest to floor with a jump at the top, but you do not need to perform a jumping jack or overhead clap


5) 500m Row


NOTE: Start wherever you want, but we suggest doing your weak movements first and finish with your strengths. If you fall short in one exercise category you can dominate in another and increase your rank strategy.


HOW TO ACHIEVE RANK: In order to climb a level we need to have performed all the minimum number of reps for each exercise of that level. If we meet all the minimum criteria then we have achieved that level. Then we keep working up towards the next level each time we do this workout. Once we achieve all the minimum reps of that next level, then we can start working towards the higher-level that’s next.


We will be doing this benchmark workout every 6-8 weeks.


RANKING: To achieve a rank these are the minimum reps/time to perform.

Level 5:

Squats 130

Pull Ups 40

Push Ups 100

Burpees 45

Row 1:35-1:49


Level 4:

Squats 117

Pull Ups 36

Push Ups 75

Burpees 35

Row 1:50-1:59


Level 3:

Squats 110

Pull Ups 30

Push Ups 50

Burpees 25

Row 2:00-2:20


Level 2:

Squats 75

Pull Ups 25

Push Ups 45

Burpees 20

Row 2:20-2:44


Level 1:

Squats 50

Pull Ups 15

Push Ups 35

Burpees 15

Row 2:45-3:00


SATURDAY: Michelle M.


Army Of Two!


Circuit 1: Sumo Jump Squats / American Swings

Circuit 2: Burpees / Walking Prisoner Lunges

Circuit 3: Jump Ropes / Wall Balls

Circuit 4: Mountain Climbers / Russian Twist


Let's Finish Together: R3

10 Partner Leg Throws (each partner)

10 Partner Squat and Toss

10 Partner Windshield Wipers