2 Part Workout- Bell and Boot


The other day I performed some jerks and hiked the day after that.  I always remain active even though I may not always post.

Today's workout was done as a two parter.  First I tossed around my kettlebell and then I jumped into my Boot Camp.

Workout 1:

3 min. of Two Handed Swings @ 24kg

6 min. of One Arm Jerks @ 24kg

Then about an hour and a half later I taught and joined in on Boot Camp.

Workout 2:
1. Bench Step Ups- 1 min.
2. Bench Jumps or Rebounds- 1 min.
3. Bulgarian Squats- 1 min.
4. Mountain Climbers- 1 min.
5. Gestapo March- 1 min.


1. Tabata Up-Downs- 4 min.(20s work/ 10s rest)
2. Forward Walking Lunges- for distance 2x
3. Side Lunges- 1 min. each side
4. Quarter Mile Run 

5. Reverse Lunges- 1 min.
6. "Crane" or High Heel Lunge(extend leg up after each step activating the glutes)- for distance 2x
7. Static Hold Lunge- 1 min. on each side

8. Quarter Mile Run

Jumping Lunges for 1 min.

After that I went home and stretched for about 15 min.