2 New PRs!!

Today was a big day for me. I set 2 Personal Records (or PRs).

My goal is to work with the 32kg for the Long Cycle Master of Sport. So that being said I want to get a feel for it as much as possible so my body adjusts to its feel and weight load underneath it. Since tomorrow is my Rest Day today I decided to practice with the 32kg.

PR Numero Uno:
6 Min. OALC @ 32kg and 5rpm
This was definitely an adventure, but I got through it. I think if I really wanted to have fun I could have gone for 6rpm, but that would have been a very different mental conversation. Just a very short time ago, about 6- 8 weeks, I could barely barely barely do 5 or 6 reps with the 32kg period and that was Jerking it- let alone Cleaning AND Jerking it.

PR Numero Dos:
6 Min. OAJ @ 32kg and 6rpm
This went better than I expected and next time I can definitely get more driven out.

100x JS @ 45#
20 Min. Run

Once I fully immerse myself into working with 2 bells it is a whole other animal underneath a complete pair of 32's. For now I'll keep busting out One Arm action. Steady work and progress is what leads to success.