12 Keys to Rapid Fat Loss- A Guide to a Leaner You: Planning

12 Keys to Rapid Fat Loss- A Guide to a Leaner You: Planning

This article series and video companion are designed to help you get radical results with your body transformation. It is from knowledge and experience collected from hundreds of clients by Omar Isuf, Toronto fat loss expert.


Fat loss is an emotional issue. Maybe it’s the weather changes, maybe it’s all the doughnuts we eat, but one thing is for sure: Fat loss revolves around one thing: planning. Nothing can be more critical than having a plan. It is a template for success. Consider it the road for success, forget Fat loss, I’m talking about YOUR belly off plan! You should set aside time to effectively plan what you’ll be doing over the twelve weeks. I’m talking careful, intelligent planning- seriously.

Success Tip: A poor plan is better than no plan at all. Without a plan you are doomed to repeat your previous mistakes.

Even if you think you know THE most common faults are too much exercise of the wrong choice, lack of a sound nutritional base (eating nothing isn’t “sound”), lack of progress (doing the same old routine), and copying another person’s routine (Madonna’s or another celebrity). Let me put it this way, spending one hour to plan out what you’ll eat, exercise, sleep and do throughout 12 weeks will save you countless hours of frustration.

Success Tip: Frame your planning around action oriented habits not lofty goals (I'll work out five days a week instead of I'll lose thirty pounds of fat)

A simple Sunday ritual of setting aside two hours to prepare food in batch quantities: baking the chicken breasts for the week, boiling eggs, mixing the tuna, making the chili will do. You don’t have to be Chef Boy-R-Dee to cook either; the first time I tried cooking for myself I had an extra special visit from the fire department. Find some simple meals you can make that you can eat day in and day out. For me boiled eggs are a good staple (just make sure to brush your teeth-no one likes stank breath). Spending this time will save you time in the future; you won’t have to go hunting for food like a scavenger and you will build a valuable skill. Besides, last time I checked, being a good cook was a major turn on.

Success Tip: Save time, money and calories by preparing your meals in big batch quantities. Grill up your tuna steak, make that chili, and prepare some baggies of fruit- whatever you need to do- do it.

You need to have a plan not only what you will be inside the gym but outside as well (like that little thing called eating). Prepare your meals, plan your work outs, and get your sleep (there’s nothing cool about being a wimp in the gym because you didn’t sleep enough!)

Success Tip: Be realistic with your planning so that it coincides with your lifestyle and the amount of effort you are willing to put into your transformation (vowing to work out seven times a week is setting yourself up for failure and will get you odd looks from friends).

Now with all this talk of planning- what the heck am I planning on doing? Well here is a template for MY Toronto Fat Loss Plan- this is an example and NOT meant to be followed.

Here is MY Toronto Fat Loss Plan

Toronto Fat Loss Workout Plan: I will train with weights five days a week focusing on lifting heavy weights to maintain my muscle mass and expend as many calories as possible to burn as much fat.
I will perform low intensity cardio post-workout and on off days to accelerate the amount of fat I lose. The amount of time spent performing cardio will vary week to week depending on my goal.

Toronto Fat Loss Nutrition Plan: My nutrition will vary but the basics will stay the same
- Lots of protein and green veggies
- Limited carbohydrates except possibly post-workout
- Get a good
blend of healthy fats (coconut oil, olive oil, fish oil, mixed nuts, flax seeds)
- Always consume post work out nutrition to maximize the effect of the work out
- Drink water like it’s my job

Toronto Fat Loss Recovery Plan: Get a solid eight hours of sleep a night (ya right!)
- Take as many Epsom salt bathes as possible
- Foam roll and stretch throughout the week to help muscles to recover
-Listen to as much Barry Manilow as possible (ya right!)

Toronto Fat Loss Assessment Plan: I will use the following assessments to see whether I’m on track with my goals.

Photographs: Bi-Monthly
Body fat Analysis: Monthly
Anthropomorphic Measurements: Monthly
Scale Weight: Bi-Weekly

Now based off of this plan, I’m down three pounds in the first week! The small amount of time it took me to plan this out saved me endless hours of frustration. Toronto fat loss success!

Week 2: September 7th 2009
Weight: 168.4

Final thought: What is YOUR plan for success?

Omar Isuf is well known and highly regarded Toronto Personal Trainer and owner of a popular Toronto boot camp, Buns of Steel Boot Camp. He has extensive experience in the industry including being the former Personal Training Director at the prestigious Yorkville Club, has been ranked top trainer in Toronto, and runs a popular training blog and video blog series. He is an expert at Toronto Fat Loss.

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