"100% EFFORT" Synergy Kettlebell Workout Theme


Theme Talking Points

Our Mantra: Give your maximum and make sure it’s your 100% best that you can give!!

Every second counts and stopping before the last second is unacceptable. We don't stop when we're tired. We go until we're done no matter how we feel. That's what makes us stronger. During active rest sets grab a quick drink, take a breather, but when it's time to work let's get it on!!!


Special Bacon Themed Synergy Trivia


1.  People began eating bacon in:

a.  1800

b.  1900

c.   7000 b.c

d.   200 b.c

Answer:  c.  7000 b.c.

2.  Bacon can cause:

a.  swine flu

b.  migraines

c.  seizures

d.  none of the above

Answer:  b.  Migraine

3.  How much fat does a slice of bacon have?

a.  20%

b.  40%

c.  56%

d.  37%

Answer:  c.  56%

4.  How much bacon is consumed in the U.S. each year?

a.  700,000 lbs.

b.  200,000,000,000 oz.

c.  2,000,000,000 lbs

d.  17 tons

Answer:  c.  2,000,000,000 lbs

5.  True or false.  Bacon is bad for your health

Answer:  False. Pasture bacon is healthy. Bacon from pigs who are raised conventionally is unhealthy.

6.  What dangerous ingredients are found in bacon (conventional)?

a.  Sodium nitrate

b.  carcinogenic PAH

c.  Sodium phosphate

d.  all of the above

Answer:  d.  all of the above

7.  Which part of the pig does bacon come from?

a.  leg

b.  shoulder

c.  belly

d.  back

Answer:  c.  Belly


8.  Along with bacon lip balm, bacon floss and bacon soap, you an buy:

a.  bacon toothpaste

b.  bacon cologne

c.  both

d.  none of the above

Answer:  c.  Both

9.  Who inspired a life size bust made out of bacon bits?

a.  Sir Francis Bacon

b.  Kevin Bacon

c.   Delia Bacon

d.  none of the above

Answer: b. Kevin Bacon


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