Today I decided to perform the Boost Max VO2 Snatch Training Protocol. Again my hands still are not where they need to be in order to go all out, but I am growing weary and frustrated with them. Even though I have received proper training I don't seem to get the feel for how to preserve my hands when I increase my snatching speed. When I perform my timed sets I don't go as fast as the purpose of the timed set is to be efficient and possess longevity. MVO2 Protocols are designed for speed snatch training in order to really blast the cardio system.

So my workout today went very well. I bought a set of baseball gloves in order to try and see if they would allow me to increase my performance while preserving my hands. That didn't happen. I will continue in my quest to figure this hand thing out or find a suitable protective hand covering that will allow me to get through snatches no matter how fast I go. It just seems like my hands do fine, but when coming down my skin folds in such a way from my palm knuckle callouse area into my fingers when the bell comes down. If I perform GS style snatches I'm fine on the way down, but just not as fast so therein lies the dilema. Hmmm... I only hope I can get this figured out sooner than later and maybe find someone who can help me in the process.

Here is my workout and some video of it as well.

Height: 5'6"
Body weight: 150lbs.
Body Fat: approx. 8-9%

Movements and Lunges

16kg x 8/8 x 6 Sets of 30s(15s per hand)/45s rest after each set

Here is a video of one of the sets here:

Bob Garon's MVO2 15s Snatches 082908

1 Min. Rest and Then:

16kg x16/16x6 of 1 min.(30s per hand)/2 Min. rest after each set

32kg Jerk
3 sets-
Set 1: 3 reps
Set 2: 5 reps
Set 3: 3 reps

Here is the video of the second set:

Bob Garon's 5x 32kg Jerk 082908