I've been so busy this week that I honestly don't remember what I did between my run on the 22nd and this workout on the 27th, but here is it and it was a really good one.

Warm-up: @ 16kg
30x Swings(15 per arm)
15x Cleans per arm
30 Lunges

Workout: @ 16kg
3 Rounds
4 Min. set of Snatches
2 Min. Rest

- 12 reps per min. x 4 min. x 3 sets = 144 Snatches
My hands still are not 100% so I cannot go at my fastest, but continue to focus on my form and lockout.

10x High Windmills @ 16kg
10x Pistols @ 8kg
10x Bent Press @ 16kg

R. Garon

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