082208- My 3 Mile Run Day

So I decided to run 3 miles today. I haven't run anything beyond a few quarter mile sprints in a given workout for months- maybe not at all this year. Of course I train cardio as I work with Kettlebells and perform HIIT training regularly, but the long distance stuff is something I shy away from on a regular basis since it is something that doesn't really interest me as well as is not very efficient in fat burning. I guess today I just felt inspired for a little change up and that became my run.

I went out and started very strong. The weather was hot- ok very hot being around 105 today- but it didn't get to me very much that is until about a little past the half way point. I got to the 1.5 mile mark and was still going strong, but took a 60s rest because I did not have any water with me and wanted to make sure I would make it home safely. I started back and all was well until I started to feel a little light headed about 5 min after the turn around. This, of course, was mainly due to the heat. I don't have any question in my mind that I could have easily made the entire run had the temperature been cooler. So I decided to take another break. I made sure it was not too long at about 20s.

Ok so I fully admit I had to take 3 total 20s breaks along the way back, but for someone who hasn't run that much since the end of last year and was doing it in 105 degrees under direct sunlight I don't think that was all that bad. After I got back I felt great and was glad I performed the run and only had a total of 2 minutes of breaks. That's pretty good. :)

I will do this again in about a week and a half.

R. Garon

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