Today I wanted to challenge myself a bit more than I have. My energy levels were back- for the most part- and so I wanted to see what I can handle with the 24kg Jerks. I decided to do a 10 Min. Set and dragged one of my clients into the fun as well. :)


Movement Based Warm up

10 Min. Single Arm Jerk(5 min. per arm)Set @ 24kg
I kept a 6 rep per min. pace for the first 4 min. and then hit 8 rpm on the 5th min. of both arms. Of course the bell was never set down.

Guerrilla Sprints- 12 min. total

4 min. warm up @ 6mph
4 min. sprint intervals(20s sprinting & 10s resting) @ 12mph
4 min. cooldown @ 6mph


This was an awesome workout and I feel amazing now that it's finally over.