I took a couple days off to allow my body to recover fully as well as I was doing some traveling so it made it kinda hard to train.

Today I made it back and was finding it a little challenging getting motivated. Of course that will never stop me as training is a way of life- my lifestyle- so I just do it as it is a part of my day. Once I got going I remembered who I am and all was good.


3 min. Swing set @ 24kg

50 squats with every 3rd squat being jumping
50 situps
30 rack squats @ 24kg (15 per side)
2 min. plank

4 min. Single Arm Jerk @ 24kg
I maintained 9 reps a minute which is good since I have never performed jerks at this weight. It felt good and I think I could easily have gotten more reps, but just wanted to get used to using this weight. I usually train with 16kg. It was fun throwing this one around.

Tabata Sprints- 4 min.
20s on and 10s off @ 12mph

Stretched and called it a day. All in all today started slow, but ended up being a great workout overall.