Max VO2 Returns Today

Training is going awesome! I've been focusing A LOT on the timed sets in both snatch and jerks ever since the IKFF certification. My strength is going up a great deal and so is my endurance. I'm really getting to be much more aware of my body in these movements.

Today I had the crazy idea to try to get 80 sets of MaxVO2 15/15 Snatch Protocol with the 16kg. For those of you who don't know what that is I will explain.

15sec Snatching and 15sec resting and repeat for a pre-determined number of sets switching hands every other set. My goal was to maintain at least 7 reps per interval.

I got to set 62 when my hand tears were just getting too much in the way. My minimum goal was 60 sets anyway. I haven't trained MaxVo2 for about 2 months or so cause I wanted to focus on the timed stuff so I was proficient in it especially around the IKFF cert. Afterward I have continued training that way so that I could get better. I missed the 15/15 and had to do it today. I woke up feeling amazing and knew today was the day. I called one of my clients(Sean) who can hang and we went for it. We both tore callouses around the midpoint and pushed as far as we could so that we can get past our minimum goal and not far enough to do great hand damage. We don't want this workout to set us back for too long.

As for the cardio and the rest of the body goes all was very good. That's just it we both felt great! We both could have easily gone to the 80+ set range, but it was the darn hands that got in the way. All in all it was a great 30+ min. of straight Snatching.

So until next week it's gonna be swings and presses/jerks until the hands heal. :)