Today was a great day! I had a perfect night's sleep and felt energized all day.

My workout was also exciting as well. I hit a new PR today with my jerks doubling that of last time from a week ago.


6 min Jerk set @ 2x 16kg kettlebells
I maintained at least 10 reps per minute(rpm) and last week I only had 5 or 6 rpm. This is a great PR and I only see it getting better week by week. I want to stay at a 6 min. set until I can successfully complete at least 20rpm.

2 Rounds-
15x SB Pullovers @ 50lbs. DB
20x DB SDHP @ 25 lbs.
25x Hanging Knee Raises

3 Rounds- Sprint Sets
1 min. Swing Set @ 28kg
1 min. Snatch Set @ 16kg