I've been wearing my Vibram Five Fingers since January. I absolutely LOVE them and all of my clients get a kick out of them. Everyone asks about them and they ALWAYS turn heads when I'm out. Some of my clients and co-workers call them my "Spiderman Shoes". They say it looks like I can walk up a wall with them. Go figure. I even have a client who makes a weird slurping sound when I walk as a sound effect for them. :)

They have truly changed my training for the better. I am flat footed and now never get shin splints when I sprint as well as can truly feel how I grip the ground in my KB work. I wear them almost everywhere. Your feet, ankles, and calves get so strong from them.

I recently bought my wife a pair too. I have the classics and she has a pair of the sprints.

10x KB Snatches each arm @ 12kg
.25 Treadmill Sprint @ 12.0mph
20x Heavy KB Swings @ 28kg
.50 Mile Stairmaster Sprint @ level 20
30x Hindu Pushups
3/4 mile on elliptical @ above 9.0 speed
30x Pullups
1 mile Bike Sprint @ above 100rpm and 10 resistance
20x KTE(knees to elbows)
.25 Treadmill Sprint @ 12.0mph
10x HSPU(handstand pushup)

TGU Prep Work