062308 Workout

Bikrim Yoga-

This was my first time taking this class. A client of mine recommended it to me about a year ago, but I just got around to trying it.

I loved it!

The class was 90 min. long, 106 degrees and 40% humidity indoors, and amazingly energizing. I had the yoga mat beneath me with a dense towel on top of that. By the time class was over that towel was so drenched it probably weighed 5lbs.
From the very first minute of the class the sweating begins and doesn't stop til about a half hour or so after. This detoxes your body and gets the hormonal processes working more efficiently. That's what exercise is supposed to be anyway isn't it- about our bodies working more efficiently.
Overall the yoga moves weren't as difficult as I thought and the class probably wouldn't have been an issue if it was held at room temp. The heat was the challenge more than anything. I made a really great decision prior to class that definitely helped me mentally get through it. I brought my watch in with me and placed it in front of my mat. Man if I didn't do that I don't think I would have done as well as I did. The last half hour was pretty tough, but knowing the minutes were counting down allowed me to mentally push through. That's the second peice of the fitness equation that I personally strive for every day. I want not only my body to be tougher, but moreover my mind to also be as well. Both go hand in hand.

The rest of my day went great and I felt amazing waking up the next morning. Today I will be taking it again. :)