100 Jump Rope revoloutions

Workout: (This took me about 10min.) NO BREAKS!
Sumo Deadlift Highpull(SDHP)- 25# DBs(should have gone heavier)
Push Jerk- 75# Barbell

Kettlebell work-

3 Rounds:
5 Swings & 5 Snatches @ 28kg
1 Turkish Get-up @ 28kg

100 Jump Rope revoloutions

This is the workout that I believe injured my right shoulder. I think it was when I was performing the Get-ups. I was going up and felt my the bell moving out of the plane it was supposed to be in and I attempted to force it back into place before it fell collapsing my arm. I successfully completed my rep, but in the process may have pulled something in my deltoid and rotator. I think the pain is now local to the medial deltoid, but certain positions transfer it elsewhere through the shoulder area.